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Packing Material and Product Material Tests

You would like to know more about material you used? No matter if only for validation purposes, for determining material characteristics or material characteristics variations, we are happy to provide you with an independent analysis.

Attached to the Fraunhofer Application Center and in close cooperation with ZINT (Dresden competence center for generating and processing biogenuous material), we are able to perform all conventional material tests at short notice and certainly in high quality.

We test:

  • Corrugated board (pressure test on edges, bump test, bursting pressure test, …)
  • Paper and cardboard (moisture absorption features, friction coefficient determination, …)
  • Plastics (tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength, hardness, density)
  • Foils (tensile strength, permeation features, sealing features, impermeability, weldability, web transport test rig characteristics, …)